Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire” - Yeats


I've been a professional music instructor for over 30 years!  Let me share my knowledge with you!

I offer lessons in:


Ukulele for beginners

Guitar for beginner to intermediate

Bass for beginner to advanced


The ukulele is a great choice for folks just starting out - and especially for kiddos with little fingers!  It's a delightful instrument that's incredibly portable, affordable, and most important - fun and easy to play!  It's a wonderful foundation for a future guitarist as the instruments share similar shapes and patterns.  Plus it just makes you smile!

I teach beginner & intermediate level acoustic & electric guitar including pop, rock, blues, & jazz.  By the time kids are middle schoolers and young teens, they've usually developed the strength and attention span needed to tackle this sometimes challenging instrument.  Guitar is also great for adults - there's literally an endless amount of material to go after which is half the fun!  The other half is getting good enough to play with others and make some music in a group!

My main focus - and true love - is the bass.  I'm a professional bassist working in all kinds of musical situations and I bring that experience and excitement to my students. I teach both electric bass as well as the acoustic "double" bass or "upright" bass as it is known.  We start with proper posture and basic technique, as well as primary repertoire in classical / orchestra as well as stage band / big band jazz, and we work up from there to composition & improvisation.


Some students may eventually decide to pursue music more seriously with a goal of getting into a college degree program or community ensemble.  I help prep students for their auditions which requires a demonstration of ability and aptitude in sight reading, dexterity (scales and arpeggios), as well as performing pieces from the standard repertoire. 


I'm based in the Lititz / Lancaster / Harrisburg area, offering times on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  We meet in students' homes, schools, churches, ... even parents' offices!  As long as we have a relatively quiet environment with minimal distractions, we're good to go!  I encourage parents to be a part of the process, hopefully able to eavesdrop a little to keep up on the material and progress.

Daytime lessons are great for homeschoolers! 

Lessons are timed according to age and ability, starting with 30-minute beginner lessons, 45-minute intermediate lessons, and hour-long advanced lessons.  Most students benefit from a regular, weekly meeting, while others find every-other-week more manageable with their busy schedules and commitments.

I also offer 2-hour master classes to more advanced students & aspiring pros - especially those preparing for auditions and other professional engagements.

Lesson costs:

$25 / 30 minutes

$40 / 45 minutes

$55 / 60 minutes

$100 / 120 minutes


Flexibility is key.  Although I mostly perform on weekends, sometimes a gig will happen during the week and lessons on that day get postponed or rescheduled.  You're never charged for a lesson I have to miss.  Accordingly, I'm flexible with my students and their families as well ... sports, vacations, colds, etc. 

Music lessons should be fun, enriching, and rewarding - never a source of stress!


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