What type of music do you play? 

We play cool, hip, straight-ahead jazz - the perfect musical backdrop to your upscale gathering.  Most of our material comes from the Great American Songbook featuring some of the best and most romantic tunes ever written.

Why should we hire you? 

All of our musicians are exceptionally talented and bring a lifetime of dedication to their craft.  We approach the music - and the occasion - respectfully, intelligently, and artistically.  

One of the comments we often hear comes from guests who tell us:

"We don’t usually listen to jazz - but we absolutely love what you guys are playing!" 

The compliment our couples most often receive is:

"This is the best band we've ever heard at a wedding!  Where did you find these guys?" 

How big is the group? 

Our most popular configuration is our classic Cadillac Jazz Trio with upright bass, drums, and piano (we bring a keyboard if your venue doesn’t have a piano).  We also feature an awesome sax player in our soulful and swinging Cadillac Jazz Quartet.  If space or budget is key, our Cadillac Jazz Duo is an excellent minimalist option. 

How long do you play? 

Every event has a different timeline so we remain flexible.  A cocktail “hour” could go 90 minutes and dinner might only last 30.  If the theme for the entire evening is "Jazz & Cocktails" we can stay later and play a nice set of swing and standards - perfect for dancing & listening. 

Can you play for our wedding ceremony? 

In some locations, yes.  Our pianist performs a beautiful repertoire of solo classical, jazz, and romantic pop during your Prelude (seating), plus select pieces for your Processional (entrance) & Recessional (exit).  This works best for our group when your ceremony is being held in the same venue and general area as your reception. 

Do you perform for same-sex celebrations? 

The only discrimination we practice is our refined taste in music. 

What do you wear? 

Most events are formal.  Jacket & tie may become optional based on the weather.  Either way, we always look sharp. 

Do you play outdoors?

Yes!  However, we do require some coverage from the elements like a tent, roof, covered patio, etc.  We also need a relatively level surface and access to a dedicated electrical outlet. 

Do you have a vocalist? 

Our passion is performing jazz in the timeless tradition of the great instrumentalists.  If your heart is set on a band with some amazing singers for your dance party, we can offer recommendations from our pro network.

How do we book you? 

Please reach out to check our availability and let us know your ideas!  We're happy to provide options and a price quote at no obligation to you!